There is always something new at Integrity! Take a look every week as we have two auctions to bid on! Every Friday We load 2000+ items to bid on for Monday's auction.  Every Monday night we load 750+ items for Thursdays quarter auction! We receive weekly shipments from major retailers! There's always something new to bid on and if you have any questions please let us know!


We are adjusting our Monday start time to 5:00pm.  We want to make sure everyone has time to watch the auction before bedtime so we are adjusting one hour earlier to 5pm.  Remember its a live catalog that will begin at 5pm with lot #1 closing and then each lot will close 8 seconds after.  The closing of the whole auction will be closed by 10pm. Thank you for joining us!

5 Tips For Bidding Online

We have been holding online auctions for almost eight years now! Our first auction was held Sept 13, 2015! Over the years we have changed some but the basics to bidding and winning remain the same! We have been an all online auction since Oct 30, 2017. Online auctions have some advantages such as not sitting waiting for your item to cross the auction block! You now can bid easily on any smart phone, computer or tablet wherever you are! Even if you are already familiar with the online format,...


Due to the higher volume of inventory and higher demand for items, we are streamlining our operation so that we can keep offering items with no reserves. What this means for our customers is more items being offered each week! This also means that we no longer check items before putting them into the auction.  Our guarantee of items over $22.50 that can plug into the wall will still be in effect; however, we will provide a testing table out front so you can test them before you leave.  Please...
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