It’s holiday season! We would like to take some time with our families and so we will be closed November 24-27th.  This means that the auction closing on November 21 will have only 3 days to pickup.  These days and times will be altered to give a greater time frame.  We will be open for curbside pick up Tuesday the 25th and Wednesday the 26th from 9am – 7pm for pickup.  Also we will be open for pick up Monday the 28th from 9am to 2pm.  All items MUST be picked up by that Monday or they will be returned to inventory.  All restocks are charged a $25 or 25% fee, whichever is greater, to cover the cost of having to move them and put back into the inventory so that we can create a new auction in that space.  We know it is hectic during the holidays so please make sure you can pick up or make arrangements to have someone pick up for you they just need the email we send with the invoice and will have to sign for the items.  Thank you for bidding and supporting us!

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